Belmont is a Bosmer (a Wood Elf)  warrior.  He is the main RP character of Jadenyuki93.                   


Belmont's father was a Bosmer nobleman who married and had a son with a Bosmer princess, but one man was jealous of this.  This man, a warrior who wanted the princess as his wife, took the infant son of them and left it to die in the wilderness far from civilization.  The nobleman discovered this and ordered the warrior to be put to death, but then the warrior assassinated the nobleman.  Shot in the heart by an arrow, he fell off of the highest tower of the castle to his death.  The grieving princess killed the warrior and then threw herself off the tower, taking her own life. 

Belmont was the baby that the warrior left to die in the wilderness, but he was found and adopted by an elderly Bosmer hunter and his wife.  The kind old couple named him "Belmont".   Growing up, Belmont was a great hunter and could kill a wolf when he was only 4.   He learned archery, how to use a sword, and how to ride a horse.  When he was 18, he decided to leave his home and become an adventurer. 


  • Claymore
  • Bow Staff
  • Bow and Arrows


  • Iron Breastplate
  • Fur Kilt
  • Gold Hunters Belt