Lord Frieza level 43

Lord Frieza is here!! :DDD

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"They call me Lord Frieza The Bandit Killer; Harbinger of Skyrim Heheheahahahe! "
— In reply to everyone asking who he is.

About Lord FriezaEdit

Lord Frieza is FriezaReturns's main Roleplay character.

He is a 30 year old Argonian from Black Marsh with a intent of being Lord, ruler, conquer of Skyrim and then some.

He is currently living in Breezehome in Whiterun and is married to Aela the Huntress. 


Level 43 - Warrior 

  • Heavy Armor: 100
  • One Handed: 100
  • Conjuration: 100
  • Lock Picking: 85
  • Speech: 63 plus

Shouts(In order of favorites)Edit

1. Marked for Death(Progress to upgrade 2/3) - The opponents lifeforce and Armor Rating is lower to 0.

Time: 30 seconds. Recharge Time: 20 seconds

2. Slow Time(Progress to upgrade 2/3) - Everything goes in a very slow motion for 45 seconds

Recharge Time: 30 seconds

Weapons(In order of use)Edit

Dawn Breaker - 50+ base damage and 10+ fire damage to all targets, if damaged against undead, will have a 50/50 chance in causing a firey explosion killing all surrounded undead.

Mehrune's Razor - 47+ base damage and has a small chance of a insta-kill

Sanguine Rose - summons a Dremora Markynaz for 60 seconds


  • Dwarven Gauntlets
  • Ebony Armor
  • Ebony Boots of the Ox - 45 increase in carrying capacity
  • Mask of Rahgot - Increases Stamina by 70 points
  • Gauldur Amulet(all three parts)